Articles of Permanent Interest For The Angkor Bound Traveler

The nature of a weblog is such that many of the articles have a timely aspect to them. After several days or a few weeks, these articles disappear from the front page and don’t get much attention anymore. Unfortunately the same is true of articles that are not time sensitive. I have therefore constructed this page where you can browse the articles that have lasting value for those thinking of traveling to Angkor Wat and those readers who are just interested in the subject matter.

My First Impressions of Cambodia (written after my first trip in 2007; opens at my other weblog ‘Thru Other Eyes’)

Everything You Wanted To Know About Angkor Wat But Didn’t Know To Ask

National Geographic Does Angkor

Pocket Audio Tour of Angkor Wat

There’s a lot more than temples in Siem Reap

Treat Your Tongue and Learn Some Khmer Cooking

National Geographic Does Angkor

Cambodia – When to go

Six Going Mad in Asia – A Family’s Cambodian Adventure

What type are you? The folks at Kantha Bopha children’s hospital want to know

John McDermott – The Man Behind The Lens

36 Hours in Siem Reap

48 Hours in Siem Reap

Voluntourism 2.0

Will Cambodia be the next Nigeria or the next Malaysia?

The Great Work of Ponheary Ly Foundation

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