Welcome To Angkor Tuk Tuk

Hi, my name is Leonard and I want to introduce you to Mr. Pit Savuth. Savuth was my tuk tuk driver for six days when I visited Angkor Wat, Cambodia, in October of 2007.

When he asked if I could help him get a web presence going to see if he could generate more business I was more than happy to help. Not only because he was a great driver – honest, friendly, knowledgeable and open – but particularly because during that week Savuth and his family became friends and people that I care about.

We have put together a few things.

  • On Angkortuktuk.net you can find information about Savuth’s services, you can book online or make inquiries and you will find other helpful links before traveling to Angkor Wat. You can also find additional information here about Mr. Pit Savuth and about myself.
  • On the weblog here you can find all kinds of interesting news and information about Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and sometimes Cambodia in general.

  • On Picasaweb Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk you can see lots of great photos from my most recent trip, including many photos with Savuth and his family touring Angkor Wat and also Phnom Kulen where we were joined by the family of Savuth’s best mate Freng.
  • And on our Youtube channel you can find some video impressions of my first trip there in October, 2007 and my most recent trip in September of 2008.

By making these sites perhaps I can give Savuth some support in his drive and dedication to create a better future for his family.

I went to Cambodia to see the wonders of the Angkor Wat temple complexes. And they are truly a wonderment to see and walk about. But what really moved me was my contact with the Cambodians I met there. I hope you decide to go, and regardless of who ends up being your driver, I hope that Cambodia and the people you meet there will touch your heart as much as they did mine.

2 Responses to “Welcome To Angkor Tuk Tuk”

  1. Hey Leonard, I totally agree. I’m a big advocate of my tuktuk driver Mr Phoern. He’s a 54 year old man who can’t speak English but works hard to support his wife and four kids. Despite his poverty he has never asked me for money. He’s touched me with his sincerity and kindness. Keep blogging and adding great pics!

  2. Greetings,
    Many thanks for reviewing our audiotour guide favourably! I would like to let you know that we now have an amazing iPad version of the guide available too. It is only for iPad but if you have one you will be really pleased to have this with you during your visit to Angkor! It is full of interactive maps and pop-up information windows. Authored by archaeologists who have long experience in Cambodia and as noted fully integrates Dr Higham’s narration of all the main temples.
    Find it here;

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