About Us

Savuth has been providing top notch tuk tuk services to tourists for many years now. He is a devoted family man with four great kids. At the beginning of the Khmer Rouge regime Savuth was a young adolescent. Like all of his fellow Cambodians, Savuth witnessed and experienced first-hand the horrors of that period. And like most of his countrymen, his determination, unbending spirit and faith helped him to triumph over those tragedies. You can make inquiries about or book Savuth’s tuk tuk services via the contact page at Angkortuktuk.net.

I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and in my daily life I do management and strategy consulting and facilitate creative brainstorming sessions. During my trip to Siem Reap in October of 2007, Pit Savuth was my tuk tuk driver for six days. I became friends with Savuth and his family in that week so when he asked me to help him with a website I did it gladly.

You can contact me on leonard [at] thru-other-eyes.com or via the contact form:



2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Hi Leonard, just wanted to say this is a great site, well done. My wife and I (Australian) will be travelling to Cambodia in March ’09 and wanted to know if 5 – 7 days is enough to spend in Cambodia (we’ll be spending a couple of weeks in Vietnam also). We’d love to book your guy Savuth for a few days! Could you tell us the best way to go from Vietnam to Cambodia? Also can you recommend a good place to stay at the right price in Cambodia, in a good area? We’ve no idea which area to stay. Thanks heaps. If you ever want to visit Australia, you are welcome to stay with us! email rickandtania@yahoo.com.au

  2. […] over those tragedies. One of his customer, Leonard from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, created a website (site 2) for him. Savuth’s Contact information: +855-12-857-218 or 012-857218 from inside […]

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