Angkor Wat Temples To See Recovery of Stolen Artifacts

Angkor Thom South Gate

These beautiful statues leading to the gates of Angkor Thom have almost all been beheaded by looters. Hopefully some of these will also be recovered one day.

Several months ago New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art decided to voluntarily return Khmer artifacts in their collection once it became clear that these had been originally illegally looted from the temples. Here is a fascinating article about that process, how it happened and what the implications are for other museums: “The Smuggling Scandal That’s Ready to Erupt

The destruction of so many parts of the temples and other artifacts like the statues leading to the gates of Angor Thom has been terrible over the years. So this news is so fantastic. Let’s hope that a lot of artifacts find their way back to their rightful and proud home!

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~ by Leonard on September 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Angkor Wat Temples To See Recovery of Stolen Artifacts”

  1. I wish that all Khmer artifacts that have lost are returned to motherland.

  2. Hi Khov! How’d you find my post so quickly to make a comment? Wow. I just checked out your weblog also – very interesting!!!! Good luck with it and good luck with your great work for a wonderful people!

  3. I eventually found it through google since it was such an interesting news to me. Anyway, thanks for creating blog related to our country and thanks also for checking out my blog.

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