My wishes for 2010

A graffiti wall painting I 'coincidentally' (or not) stumbled upon in Amsterdam earlier this week.

I want to wish each of you and all who are dear to you a most wonderful 2010! May it be a year of health, happiness, good fortune and spiritual discovery.

My wish for 2010 is that each of us will look inside, or as Micheal used to sing, let’s each start with the ‘man’ in the mirror and ask ourselves, “How can I change in order to bring the change that I seek into my world?”

My wish for 2010 is that each of us will break free of whatever shackles hold us back from fulfilling what we truly want to fulfill, perhaps even what we are destined to fulfill.

Each of us know or at least I hope feel somewhere deep down inside, that when it comes to overcoming the immense challenges that collectively face us all, ” what got us here, ain’t gonna get us there.” In fact, “what got us here” has created the many threats and challenges we find ourselves confronted with.

We are not prisoners of our past, not individually nor collectively. Nor are we prisoners of some dark side of our inherent ‘human nature.’ Things will always be the way they have always been only if we choose for them to be. We each have perhaps personally experienced and certainly seen in the lives of others that the more cruel aspects of our ‘human nature’ can be overcome.

Whether we consider ourself religious, spiritual or just a simple collection of genetic material, we know from our own lives and from so many examples around us that love, caring, compassion and giving raise us individually and collectively to a place far removed from the self-destructive tendencies of our ‘human nature.’

Don’t look to others to start first. Don’t look to others to be the ‘leaders.’ Each of us is a leader and each of us is a hero. But, only if we want to be and only if we choose to be.

Let’s create a 2010 of peace, love, compassion and caring: in our own lives, in our families, in our workplaces, in our streets, in our communities, in our countries and in our world. Believe me, it is possible. But you have to believe it too.

I love you.

~ by Leonard on December 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “My wishes for 2010”

  1. I believe! xo

  2. Hi Jasper!

    I know you believe! Now with you, me, the other folks we know who believe and about 100 million more, we will change the world! Happy 2010!

  3. my son wisely said to me once that only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expects change.We have to change for us to see change

  4. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for coming along and sharing your thoughts. Your son is very wise. I couldn’t have said it better. Be well.

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