Update New Ticket Scheme Angkor Wat

angkor-tickets According to recent press reports, there appears to be a certain amount of confusion, misunderstandings and mistakes with the new Angkor ticket scheme. For those traveling there I want to help clear that up before you go.

A while ago I posted information about the new ticket scheme. There are still tickets in a 1-day version for $20, a 3-day version for $40 and a 7-day version for $60. What was new was that instead of having to use the tickets on consecutive days, the 3-day ticket can be used on three days over a seven day period and the 7-day ticket can be used on seven days over a one month period.

But here’s what you have to look out for! When purchasing the tickets you need to be very clear which variant you want: a multi-day ticket for consecutive days or the new multi-day ticket for one week or one month. Once the ticket is printed out, you will not be able to rectify a mistake. All of this is due to the fact that the Apsara Authority who runs the ticket scheme and maintains the park decided to keep both types of tickets available.

The tickets which are good on consecutive days only have to be punched one time to indicate that their validity has begun to run. The multi-day tickets which are good over a week or month have to be punched every day you use it at the main ticket booth potentially being a hassle if you have to wait again in line to do that. But from what I have heard that isnt a problem. And I think the flexibility in not having to do all your temple touring on consecutive days outweighs the time it may take to get the ticket punched again.

* So make sure you ask specifically for the type of ticket you want

* And realize if you purchase the 3-days ticket good over one week or the 7-day ticket good over one month that you will need to have it re-punched on each day you wish to use it.

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~ by Leonard on September 23, 2009.

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