Exotissimo Introduces a Philanthropic Cambodia Tour Program

Exotissimo, a well-established tour operator specializing in Southeast Asia, has introduced a six day tour in Cambodia combining the normal tourist highlights of Angkor Wat with structured visits to several deserving NGOs. According to today’s press release:

This new 6-day program is specially designed for travelers wanting to make a positive and personal impact on the socio-economic development of Cambodia. Throughout the 6-day itinerary, Exotissimo has interspersed many opportunities for travelers to make a difference to local communities in meaningful ways. They can meet and speak to the underprivileged at charities, dine at vocational training restaurants or shop for handicrafts made by locals employed under fair employment terms. A part of the tour fees will go directly to the organizations visited. “While Angkor is definitely a must-visit for any Cambodia travel itinerary, anyone who tours only the temples is missing out the real Cambodia,” said Sibylle Rotzler, Cambodia Product Manager. “By joining this program, travelers will gain a deeper understanding of Cambodia’s recent turbulent past and play a part in the country’s rebuilding process.”

Although many tourists spend some time visiting NGO projects, this organized tour has built philanthropic travel right into this packaged tour. If you’re interested in putting together your own type of similar program when you visit Siem Reap please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can certainly direct you to some worthwhile and trustworthy projects that are active in areas that you may have some particular affinity with: general community development; health services; primary and secondary education; micro-financing; higher education, etc.

(Thinking of visiting the temples of Angkor Wat? Don’t forget to check out my friend Savuth’s tuk tuk services!)

~ by Leonard on September 9, 2009.

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