The Legend of Angkor Wat Sound and Light Show 2009

This year again there will be a staging of the Legend of Angkor Wat Sound & Light Show at the steps of the great Angkor Wat temple. So make sure to check it out if you are going to be in Siem Reap in the period December 16, 2009 – February 27, 2010.

The story this year tells of a fantasy journey through time with Henri Mahout, the French botanist who is credited with ‘re-discovering’ the ruins of Angkor Wat in the nineteenth century. From the synopsis of the first three of six scenes in the show:

Scene 1: In 1860, Alexandre Henri Mouhot, a French naturalist, made a journey of exploration into the regions of Siam and Laos. When his group entered Cambodia, Henri heard from the villagers about the great temple of splendid beauty, believed to be built by the hands of gods. He relentlessly searches for it until finally the mysterious, legendary temple hidden in the dense forest lay before his eyes.

Scene 2: Henri lies alone unconscious in an island. He regains consciousness and finds a lady with the look of Apsara in front of him. She tells him his wish had come true and takes him to experience the beauty of the Khmer civilization – starting from the legendary origin of the Khmer empire, the love story between Preah Thaong and Neang Nagi, the daughter of the king of nagas. In this scene audiences will witness a wedding procession scene.

Scene 3: Then Apsara brought Henri back to the time when the monument was constructed by thousands of workers. The moon shines in the sky, reflecting the outline of the temple. The sound of construction echoes around. Part by part, they witness the building of Angkor Wat to completion.

You can find all the information, plus online booking possibilities at

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~ by Leonard on August 24, 2009.

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