Angkor Wat Half Marathon and Bike Race and Rally

Registration is open for the 2009 edition of the Angkor Wat Half Marathon and Bike Race and Rally. Last year’s event drew nearly 2600 participants from 43 countries. This year’s events will take place on December 5 and 6 with the following competitive and fun events:

* Half Marathon Men/Women

* 21 km Wheel Chair

* 10 km Men/Women

* 5 km Women

* 3 km Family Run

* Bike Races

* Bike Rally

The event is not only a lot of fun but is also a great fund-raising event with proceeds going to various charities helping those in need of artificial limbs and at-risk youth. As you can see there are events for serious runners and for families both in the running and biking categories. One of the bike rallies is a 30 KM guided fun-ride. Bikes are available for rental so you don’t even have to shlep your own. You can participate, watch the fun or become a pledge sponsor.

(Thinking of visiting the temples of Angkor Wat? Don’t forget to check out my friend Savuth’s tuk tuk services!)

~ by Leonard on August 13, 2009.

One Response to “Angkor Wat Half Marathon and Bike Race and Rally”

  1. Hello. My name is Nevada Cornwell and i am currently living in Australia. I will be moving to Siem Reap to start a Guesthouse buisness on the 27th of October. I would like to enter the Half Marathon in December. Can you tell how to enter please. Thank you

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