New (and better) Ticket Prices for Visiting the Temples

angkor-ticketsAccording to the Phnom Penh Post there will soon be a new more advantageous ticket scheme introduced for visiting the Angkor Wat Archeological Park:

“Minister of Tourism Thong Khon has agreed to a proposal by the private Tourism Working Group to extend Angkor Wat tickets in a bid to attract more tourists, he said on Monday…Three-day tickets to visit the Unesco World Heritage site – costing US$40 – will now be valid for one week, and week-long tickets can be used at any time for one month at $60 each, the minister said, adding the system would start next week. But Bun Narith, director general of the Apsara Authority, said he had not yet heard news of a final decision.”


From etravel a point of clarification: The one week ticket for $40 was previously the three day ticket. This ticket is valid for three daily visits within a one week time frame. So it is still good for three days, but they are no longer three consecutive days. You can spread your 3 days over a one week period giving you the chance to do some other non-temple things in between. The same is true for what was the 7 day ticket for $60. This is now valid for 7 day visits over a month period. The new tickets will become available when the franchise holder prints new tickets, so the date is kind of indeterminate.

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~ by Leonard on March 6, 2009.

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