International Khmer Ceramics Festival in Siem Reap – Update

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Coming to Siem Reap from December 10 – December 29: The 2nd Annual International Khmer Ceramics Festival. I had written a bit about this festival back in September, with some general information about the interesting activities for visitors hosted by the Khmer Ceramics and Bronzes Center on an on-going basis.

A little while ago, I received a press release from the Center’s director, Serge Rega, with an update about this year’s festival program from December 10 – December 29. So if you are a lover of Khmer arts and crafts, or a pottery lover in general, or perhaps just a creative and curious spirit or merely a templed-out tourist then you may want to click through to the next page to read the entire press release. You can also click on the image to the left and see the entire festival program.

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November 01, 2008

ANGKOR – CAMBODIA, The National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival (NCKCR), a Siem Reap-based non-profit art organization, is pleased to be hosting The Second Annual International Khmer Ceramics Festival (IKCF). This Festival will be held from December 10 through December 29, 2008.

The complete program of activities is available on NCKCR’s website:

The Second International Khmer Ceramics Festival will highlight the rebirth of lost skills in Cambodia… Khmer Ceramic Arts. Three days of international conferences in collaboration with the Center for Khmer Studies and Heritage Watch; presence of several internationally renowned ceramists (Janet Mansfield AO (Australia), Alan Lacovetsky (Canada), Laurence Chabard (France), Jake Allee (USA), Michaëll DeLarwelle (Australia), Hadrian Mendoza (Philippines), Armand Desbat (France), …); demonstration of Khmer Ancient ceramic techniques, contemporary techniques, kiln firings are planed during the Festival.

The Second International Khmer Ceramics Festival will greatly assist young Khmer Ceramists and trainees with a wonderful opportunity to observe some of the world’s foremost ceramic artists and practitioners demonstrating skills and techniques and also enable them to inter-act with these established experts. The Khmer Ceramics Festival provides an opportunity to raise awareness of Khmer Ceramics at the international level, and is closely aligned with the missions of the NCKCR: bringing about the rebirth of these lost skills in Cambodia and raise awareness of the ongoing fight against the illicit trade in Khmer Antiquities, Ceramics and other important cultural heritage material.

December 10, 11 and 12, 2008 A conference of 3 days combining Academic research papers on the state of research on ancient ceramics of the former Khmer Empire and in mainland Southeast Asia (1st day). Day two of the conferences deals with the Challenges and Opportunities for reviving techniques of ancestral pottery (and its potential for sustainable development) (and includes visits to an ancient kiln site and to our contemporary workshop). This conference is a part of the International Khmer Ceramics Festival. The objective being to bring academics, researchers and archaeologists in to direct contact with leading contemporary ceramic artists for the benefit of economical sustainable activities in the region. The Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) ( is the host institution. Advisory committee includes: Dr. Janet Mansfield AO, Chair (President, International Academy of Ceramics), Dr. Dawn Rooney (independent scholar, art historian), Mr. Chhay Rachna (APSARA archaeologist), Dr Philippe Peycam (CKS Director), Dr. Dougald O’Reilly (Heritage Watch Director), Mr. Serge Rega (NCKCR Director), Miss Suzanne Freilich (Conferences coordinator).

The National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival (NCKCR) is a non-profit educational art organization dedicated to the rebirth, promotion and development of the ceramic arts in Cambodia. The NCKCR has supported the ceramic arts through its gallery, studio space, and school for Khmer trainees, educational and outreach programs. The NCKCR believes in promoting broad access to the ceramic arts in Cambodia, and gears its programs to all levels of interest and proficiency. Workshops hours are everyday 8 AM to 6 PM. For further information, please contact Serge Rega at or + 855 (0) 63 761 519.

~ by Leonard on November 19, 2008.

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