Update to The Legend of Angkor Wat Sound and Light Show

Phnom Penh Post

credits: Phnom Penh Post

Here’s an update (and reminder about a great upcoming event) about the Legend of Angkor Wat sound and light show. I originally wrote about it in July and this week the Phnom Penh Post shared some more details about this year’s show:

“All historic and cultural details of the show, the script and choreography were developed and supervised by Proeung Chhieng, vice rector and dean of the Faculty of Choreographic Arts, at Phnom Penh’s Royal University of Fine Arts. A crew of over 120 helps stage the show which has a cast of 160.

“The show has a storyline that criss-crosses in time, centering on the adventures of 19th-century French philologist and explorer Alexandre Henri Mouhot who is mistakenly credited for “discovering” the Angkor complex. While other foreigners had been aware of its existence, Mouhot’s visit and his evocative writings popularised the temples in the West, and the rest is, as they say, history.

“The Legends show plays with that history, beginning with Mouhot’s arrival at Angkor in 1860. He lapses into unconsciousness and, in his dream state, a beautiful Apsara woman guides him back in time to the legendary beginning of Khmer civilisation, with the marriage of the daughter of the king of the nagas.”

The show plays from December 5 – January 31. In my previous article you can find some eye-witness reviews from last year’s shows, a promotional video and a link to official online ticket sales.

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~ by Leonard on September 8, 2008.

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