Treat Your Tongue and Learn Some Khmer Cooking

Cooking class at hotel Le Tigre de Papier

Cooking class at hotel Le Tigre de Papier

If you are into food markets or cooking, here’s an interesting travelogue article about the Phsa Leah food market in Siem Reap, Khmer cuisine and cooking classes in Siem Reap:

“There is something irresistible about Asian markets: the pouncing energy of housewives as they shop for their daily food supplies, the assault of piercing colours, from the red of tiny, shiny chillis and the festive pink of dragonfruit to the full spectrum of greens. This market, the biggest in Angkor, fulfils my expectations of being immersed in a world of earthy freshness and fragrance…

“… what a feast for the senses. There are huge boxes of eggplants, an assortment in the usual purplish-black but dozens of smaller ones, too, pale green and merrily striped. We pass pyramids of shaved ginger; fresh chillis are being ground to a paste in an antique contraption. Silver fish, with scales in glittering squares, like Oroton evening bags, fill rusty old buckets and wheelbarrows.”

The author also mentions in passing that the Residence d’Angkor Hotel offers a market visit tour combined with a one hour cooking class for $60. I couldn’t find any mention of it on the website but the telephone number of the hotel is 063 963 390.

The newly opened hotel Le Papier te Tigre also offers a market shopping tour and cooking class:

“After picking your favourite dish from the menu, join one of the daily classes and you will be guided through the local markets and taught how to prepare tasteful dishes by one of the Khmer chefs.”

Telephone number for Le Papier de Tigre’s cooking class is 063 760 930.

The folks at Canbypublications have some info about another cooking class opportunity:

Cooks in tuk tuks cooking class from the River Garden Hotel

"Cooks in tuk tuks" cooking class from the River Garden Hotel

“The good people at The Ox Cart Restaurant at The River Garden Guesthouse are offering culinary tours and cooking courses focusing, of course, on local fare. Culinary tours include a tour of a local market(s) with an introduction to local culinary culture, foods and ingredients, cooking equipment, etc. followed by cooking classes at the restaurant. Call 063-963400 for schedule.”

Raffles Hotel also offers a cooking class but their’s is without the market tour to do the shopping.

(If you are planning a trip to Angkor Wat please check out Savuth’s tuk tuk transportation services at

~ by Leonard on September 1, 2008.

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