Tri-state guide to responsible tourism

Guide To Responsible Tourism

Guide To Responsible Tourism

Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have recently teamed up to create a 148 page guide with tips and tourist attractions promoting responsible tourism in their respective countries. From the Travel News Gazette:

“Over 25 activities in each country have been profiled in “The Guide to Responsible Tourism in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.” Each activity creates income for local people, minimises potential negative tourism impacts, involves members of the local communities in running the business, conserves natural and cultural heritage, provides meaningful experiences for tourists, helps people with physical disabilities, and builds respect between visitors and hosts.

“For example, the book makes it easier for tourists to trek responsibly with hilltribes, buy handicrafts that keep traditions alive, eat in restaurants that employ former street kids or people with disabilities, stay in accommodation that respects its local community, and discover nature in some of the most awe inspiring areas of Southeast Asia.

“The various recommended activities in the book show the best side of tourism,” said Mr Arjun Thapan, director general of the Asian Development Bank‘s Southeast Asia Department. The bank supported the publication through its Mekong Tourism Development Project. “All the activities recommended in the book help alleviate poverty,” he said, “but do so in a respectful and sustainable way that both the host and the visitor can be proud of.”

The book costs $15 and can be ordered online from PATA, the Pacific Asia Travel Association. PATA also has set up a travel wiki focusing on sustainable tourism in the Asia Pacific region.

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~ by Leonard on August 14, 2008.

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