Cambodian artist holding show in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Art of Survival"

From a previous exhibit: "Art of Survival"

If you are traveling on the Indonesian island of Java in the month of August you can still get a great taste of modern Cambodian art and culture. The works of one of Cambodia’s few established artists is currently being shown at the Tembi House of Culture in Yogyakarta:

“Chhim Sothy… is one of the few artists that established their career after the Khmer Rouge. During the Khmer Rouge regime most artists and intellectuals were killed.

“Sothy belongs to the generation that experienced the horror of the Khmer Rouge as small children.

“Sothy paintings are full with Cambodia’s colors of monk orange, flower beige and red. His themes are Cambodian culture and tradition. One can even find the Cambodian version of Rama and Sinta from the Ramayana epic in many of his paintings.

“While Sothy preserves the refined motives and gestures of the Cambodian Apsara dancers and Ramayana characters, he is not shy to mix traditional styles, which are usually handed down by monks from Buddhist monasteries, with contemporary styles.

“Sothy’s style of painting is rare in Cambodia and it is probably for this reason why people stand in line to buy his artwork. His exhibition at Tembi House of Culture in Yogyakarta belongs to an intercultural exchange project between Indonesia and Cambodia, initiated by Tembi House of Culture and Art Caf‚ Phnom Penh in Cambodia.”

For more background on this accomplished Cambodian artist, Chhim Sothy:


Meta House art/communication/media in Phnon Penh

Recent exhibit “Art of Survival”

And this from Youtube:

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