One Night In Phnom Penh

Many people visiting Siem Reap to tour Angkor Wat and the surrounding area also spend some time in Phnom Penh, if only for a day after or before an international arrival or departure. For those folks, and anyone else of course, interested in some tips from three locals, there was this recent article in Time magazine’s travel section, “One Night in Phnom Penh”.

Some of the suggestions may be a bit too ‘hip’ or upmarket but when you ask a ‘leading contemporary artist’ and a ‘modeling-agency director’ in addition to a manager of a fitness club, I guess that’s what you can get. But some of the suggestions may be attractive and accessible for lots of us. For example:

  • Cafe Living Room: an organic and fair trade cafe and eatery that also hosts contemprary art

In addition, you can find many suggestions for restaurants and night clubs and even one suggestion if you want to hob nob with the local ‘glitterati.’

Full Article

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~ by Leonard on July 22, 2008.

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